Rhea Lana's Upscale Resale
Rhea Lana's Upscale Resale
February 15 - 20, 2024
Rhea Lana's Upscale Resale
Rhea Lana's Upscale Resale
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Full Schedule

Thurs, Feb 15

  • 3-8 PM: Launch Party ($40 plus fees)
  • 5-8 PM: Platinum Shopping ($20 plus fees)

Fri, Feb 16

  • 2-9 PM: Gold Shopping ($10 plus fees)
  • 4-9 PM: Consignor Pre-sale
  • 5-9 PM: Silver Shopping ($5 plus fees)
  • 6-9 PM: Mom-to-be Shopping
  • 6:30-9 PM: Healthcare, Military and Teacher Shopping
  • 7-9 PM: Guest Shopping

Sat, Feb 17

  • 9 AM - 8 PM: General Shopping

Sun, Feb 18

  • 9 AM - 1 PM: General Shopping
  • 2-8 PM: Launch Party Half Price Pre-sale**
  • 3-8 PM: Platinum & Gold Half Price Pre-sale**
  • 4-8 PM: Consignor Half Price Pre-sale
  • 5-8 PM: Silver Half Price Pre-sale**
  • 5-8 PM: Bronze Shopping ($5 plus fees)
  • 6-8 PM: Half Price Pre-sale

Mon, Feb 19

  • 9 AM - 8 PM: Half Price Sale

Tues, Feb 20

  • 9 AM - 12 PM: Half Price Sale

**Included w/ original ticket purchase.

Consigning Items

3 Drop Options

  1. Traditional Dropoff - Consignors bring their items to the event. We provide the barcode labels on site. Consignor applies barcodes in the store then helps place items in the store. Consignors items will be gaurenteed. Consignors may donate unsold items or pick up unsold items on pickup day. (Plan 1 hour per 100 items in store.)
  2. Express Dropoff - Consignors choose to either A) DONATE all unsold items or B) RELEASE GUARANTEE of items. These consignors will apply barcodes at home and must select an appointment time. Consignors bring items to event & picks up their consignor passes. Consignors that opt to not guarantee their items will pick up their items on pickup day. (Plan up to 15 minutes in store.)
  3. NEW! Appointment Only -  Consignor must apply barcode labels at home and select an appointment time. If choosing an appointment, you MUST be prompt and have ALL items labeled and ready for the sales floor. Items will be checked both for quality and to ensure all items are present. These items will be guaranteed. Please keep your items in order according to batch during transit. If you have multiple consignor ID's, please register once for each ID selected a different time for all ID's.

Want to label at home?

There are three option for applying barcodes at home. 1) Consignor prints barcodes. 2) We will mail barcodes for a $4 fee deducted from consignor check. 3) Consignors can opt to pick up their barcodes at the event during drop hours & return home to label items.


Consignors that donate all items will UPGRADE TO GOLD TICKET shopping!


The consigner fee is $8. All consignor checks will be ready on pick up day. Any checks not picked up will be mailed. Any items not picked up will be donated. Consignors earn 65% of sales.